Old Friend

“It’s exciting to see things coming up again, plants that you’ve had twenty or thirty years. It’s like seeing an old friend.”
― Tasha Tudor, The Private World of Tasha Tudor

Tropical Milkweed Pod


Tropical Milkweed Flowers and Leaves

Monarch Butterfly

Milkweed, a host plant for the Monarch butterfly is considered by some to be a friend and others a pest. The pod releases an abundance of seeds with attached “parachutes” which carry the seeds upon the wind. New plants emerge from the sprouts. The sap produced by the plant is toxic. However, Monarch caterpillars consume the leaves and transfer the toxicity to its predators. Predators avoid  the caterpillars.  Butterfly enthusiasts  find pulling unwanted milkweed sprouts a minor inconvenience and avoid the  toxic sap.

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