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Recycling Baskets

Metro Recycling Drop-off Center

1451 Government Street, Mobile
Open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 7 Days a week

(Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year's Eve)


What Can You Drop Off at the Recycling Center?

Mixed Paper Products



Phone books Cat or Dog Food Bags
Junk mail Dirty pizza boxes
Magazines (Remove plastic wrapper) Ribbon/bows, foil gift bags
Newspaper (Remove plastic wrapper) Mailing envelopes with plastic or bubble wrap lining
Cereal boxes-flat (Remove cellophane liner) Tyvec envelopes
Small cardboard boxes
(Remove any outer plastic wrap and flatten box)
Foil candy or chip bags
Shredded paper Laminated, plastic-coated items
Wax coated paper and boxes
Milk, juice or ice cream cartons
Food contaminated paper

Please leave shredded paper in the bag or container. 
(Plastic bags are okay for this and are the only plastic bags allowed in our paper bins.)
Not sure if your paper is recyclable? Take the Green Test! Try tearing it down, then across. If it tears easily, it is fine.





Corrugated cardboard Dirty or wax-coated boxes
Please flatten all boxes Styrofoam, bubble wrap,
or plastic
  Metal or nylon straps

All cardboard boxes must be flattened.





Beverage Bottles "Carry-out" clamshell containers
Water Bottles Baby food, storage, butter,
sour cream or yogurt containers
Detergent Bottles Strawberry or food-storage containers
Milk Jugs Microwave dishes or plastic cups
Caps and Lids 
Shampoo/Conditioner and Lotion Bottles 
Food Containers  

Not sure if your plastic is recyclable? Take the Green Test!
Just check the bottom for the recycling triangle; if it has a 1 (PETE) or 2 (HDPE) on it and holds a liquid, it is fine.

PLEASE—For the HEALTH and SAFETY of our employees—empty, rinse and flatten all bottles and milk jugs.
Remove caps, lids and foreign objects before recycling.





Beverage bottles Limes or lemons
Liquor bottles Window pane glass
Clean food jars Picture frame glass
Wine bottles Leaded glass
Beer bottles Vases, milkglass, drinking glasses
  Pyrex/Corningware, Candle Holders

PLEASE—For the HEALTH and SAFETY of our employees—empty, rinse and flatten all bottles and milk jugs.
Remove caps, lids and foreign objects before recycling.


Steel and Aluminum



Vegetable cans, Jar lids Paint cans
Aerosol cans-empty Propane tanks
Aluminum cans (Crush or flatten)  
Wine bottles  

Not sure if it is aluminum or steel?? Take the Green Test!
Try the magnet test— a magnet will stick to steel but not aluminum or look for the recyclable symbol. 


Used Cooking Oil/Grease

Please visit
We are a MAWSS (Mobile Area Water and Sewer System) Grease Recycling site. Bring your own container of used cooking oil or come pick up a free recycling container and return it when it is full.





Grocery bags–Plastic Plastic food wrap
Shopping bags–Plastic Vinyl bags
Newspaper bags Cellophane
Used motor oil Dirty bags
Anti-freeze, oil filters *Paint, pesticides or chemicals
Brake/Transmission fluid  *Electronics
Toner cartridges *Light bulbs
Styrofoam packing *Tires
Bubble Wrap Styrofoam, block or sheet
Cell phones  
Goodwill clothes  

*Ask one of our attendants for our brochure on how to properly dispose of or recycle these items. 


Old Electronics (Working or Not) may be dropped off at:

Goodwill Easter Seals Donation Stations

2301 Perimeter Road, Mobile AL 36615

Best Buy
Springdale Mall
(Best Buy recycles everything from small electronics, to refrigerators and big TVs)


American Flags

American Flags no longer in good condition can be turned in at the Metro Recycling Center! The flag can be deposited into the Flag Recovery Box, located inside the Recycling Center office. These flags will be given to the Woodmen of the World of Semmes for proper ceremonial disposal, according to Flag Disposal Rules.


Paint & Pesticide Disposal

Yuck! All that old stuff lurking around in your garage or storeroom needs to go. But where?

Every few years, Keep Mobile Beautiful joins forces with the Mobile County Commission to host a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. Until then, we suggest two easy ways to get rid of paint and pesticides:

PAINT: Latex paint can be opened and allowed to dry. The process will be quicker if you add Redi Mix Concrete or use a package of Waste Paint Hardener. For other paints, take a cardboard box, line it with a plastic bag, fill it with shredded paper and pour the paint over the paper. Allow the paint in the can and the box to dry, then put them both in the garbage.

LIQUID PESTICIDES: Use a shallow plastic container (not to be reused for food). Pour the pesticide into the container and place the container in a safe place, away from children and pets. Allow the liquid to evaporate. Wash the container if you plan to dispose of any other liquids.



Other Recycling Opportunities Throughout the Year

Recycle Your
Christmas Tree!


Don't Send it to the Landfill! Each winter, from late December to early January, drop off your old Christmas Tree at one of these locations. **Please remove the stand, all lights, ornaments, and tinsel!**

Parkway Plaza 
2655 Dauphin Island Parkway

Belle Foods
2501 Government Boulevard

Wildwood Place
  4055 Cottage Hill Road

Regency Center Belle Foods
Airport at University

Westwood Plaza
 Airport at Schillinger 

Park Forest Center
 Moffett Road at Forest Hill Drive

Clover Leaf Plaza 
Tillman's Corner


Mulch Give-a-way!

Free to the Public. Made from Recycled Christmas Trees! The tree mulch is great for the garden. It helps retain moisture, prevent weed growth, and return valuble nutrients to the Earth.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree Lights!

Holiday lights can be recycled at the Metro Recycling Center. Lights collected at the center are donated to the Master Gardeners for various community garden projects!

Recycle Mardi Gras Beads!

Mardi-Gras beads can be recycled at the the Recycling Center.
The beads are donated to Augusta Evans School for reuse in future parades!

Recycling Baskets!

Recycling baskets are available for use at neighborhood or community events! Contact us here to ask for one!

Quality Counts!

The success of the Recycling Center depends on the quality of the material provided by you!
We appreciate your cooperation!

Thanks to our Recycling Partners

Aaron Oil, ASM Recycling, Goodwill Easter Seals, MAWSS, Mobile Forest Products, Newark Recovery and Recycling, Strategic Materials, Robert Wallick Associates, Inc., and Waste Management


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